My name is Alison and I’ve been studying, training and working dogs since 2010 (though I’ve had pet dogs for 20 years). I know what it’s like to live with dogs. I know some things come easy and sometimes things just don’t go as you expect. 

I understand frustration, disappointment and exasperation! I’ve been through it, I know it can be tough and I’ll help you get through without passing judgement: we all start somewhere after all.

I currently have three dogs called Bob, Peg and Mac: two are working dog crossbreeds from rescue and one a Working Cocker Spaniel I chose as a pup in 2017.

I'm very proud to be:


One of Sarah Whitehead's

Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainers:

your guarantee of up-to-date, kind and effective training methods.

An Accredited Trainer for The Real Dog Yoga.

I write the Training and Behaviour column every month for Dogs Today Magazine

I have previously been a volunteer Search and Rescue Dog Handler and was an

Accredited Trainer for Talking Dogs Scentwork for several years.

I'm also very pleased to currently be training in Animal Centred Education with Sarah Fisher.

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