My name is Alison and I’ve been studying, training and working dogs since 2010 (though I’ve had pet dogs for 20 years). I know what it’s like to live with dogs. I know some things come easy and sometimes things just don’t go as you expect. 

I understand frustration, disappointment and exasperation! I’ve been through it, I know it can be tough and I’ll help you get through without passing judgement: we all start somewhere after all.

I currently have three dogs called Bob, Peg and Mac: two are working dog crossbreeds from rescue and Mac is a Working Cocker Spaniel I chose as a pup in 2017.

I'm very proud to be:

Trained in Sarah Whitehead's Clever Dog Company Method:

your guarantee of up-to-date, kind and effective training methods.

Currently training in Animal Centred Education with Sarah Fisher.

An Accredited Trainer for The Real Dog Yoga.

A writer for Dogs Today Magazine.

I have previously been a volunteer Search and Rescue Dog Handler and was an

Accredited Trainer for Talking Dogs Scentwork for several years.

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