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Dogs love to sniff, so what could be better than learning how to do their favourite activity together as a team? Dog training which uses your dog's amazing sense of smell is fun, engaging and tires them out better than a long walk.

Developed by Pam Mackinnon, an ex-Customs Dog Handler, this activity will teach you and your dog how to search for a particular scent (legal ones only!). You'll learn how to work just like the dogs you see on TV, except we allow our dogs to get their prize out for themselves since it is safe and more fun for them!

Suitable for any dog and handler, from young to old and whatever their abilities, see how a whole new world of smells open up for you!

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"I did Scentwork 1 with Archie my Cocker last week. He took to it like a duck to water.

We have played the game at home since and he completely gets it! Such fun.

It is amazing how much effort he puts in and how tired he is after a session.

All dogs can benefit from this - it makes them think and that is always good."

The Real Dog Yoga

Real Dog Yoga is training designed to help all kinds of dogs but especially those who are very excitable or who need to be kept calm following surgery or illness. It's really effective for anxious dogs too, helping them to learn effective ways of coping with life's events.

The programme creates an environment for learning which is called option training. We train yoga using this method where dogs use specific communication signals to opt in or out at any point. 

Using option training we teach each dog a set of 30 postures (which are broken into 3 sets: sitting, lying and standing) as well as 15 actions and 10 expressions. These are designed to help the dog learn to become calm or maintain calmness.


It helps to increase dog and human communication to create better understanding and compassion. The postures, expressions and actions also increase body awareness, muscle control and communication with the owners. They can be taught to any age or breed of dog with any age owner.

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