The Real Dog Yoga

Real Dog Yoga is training designed to help all kinds of dogs but especially those who are very excitable or who need to be kept calm following surgery or illness. It's really effective for anxious dogs too, helping them to learn effective ways of coping with life's events.

The programme creates an environment for learning which is called option training. We train yoga using this method where dogs use specific communication signals to opt in or out at any point. 

Using option training we teach each dog a set of 30 postures (which are broken into 3 sets: sitting, lying and standing) as well as 15 actions and 10 expressions. These are designed to help the dog learn to become calm or maintain calmness.


It helps to increase dog and human communication to create better understanding and compassion. The postures, expressions and actions also increase body awareness, muscle control and communication with the owners. They can be taught to any age or breed of dog with any age owner.

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Covid-19 Restrictions


Due to Government guidelines, I cannot offer workshops until further notice.


Introductions to Scentwork and Real Dog Yoga can be done online using Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp. It is possible to do one to one sessions in an outdoor location, however home visits are not possible.

If you have any questions about Scentwork or Yoga, please do get in touch.

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